2nd paralegal charged with anti-judge plot

The Tampa Tribune April 16, 1999


 2nd paralegal charged with anti-judge plot

Author: SARAH HUNTLEY; The Tampa Tribune

TAMPA – A paralegal from West Palm Beach has been indicted on charges that she falsely accused a federal

judge and prosecutor of holding a surreptitious meeting to discuss a case.

Dana D. Corum, 61, who lives in Lake Worth, made an initial appearance Tuesday in Tampa’s U.S. District

Court. She was released on $100,000 bail.

Corum, the co-owner of Panther Investigations Inc., is the second paralegal charged with obstruction of

justice in the alleged plot. Corum’s friend and business associate, Michael Barfield of Sarasota, was arrested

in February.

The indictment, dated March 24, says Corum plotted with others to falsely accuse U.S. Senior District Judge

Lee P. Gagliardi of misconduct.

The scheme, which included making false statements to federal agents and submitting phony documents to a

grand jury, was designed to have Gagliardi removed from a Cape Coral embezzlement case, the indictment


Developer Carl Bailey and two others are charged with embezzling millions from Cape Coral Hospital

through insider land deals and construction contracts, according to court records.

Bailey moved to have the judge disqualified after telling the court two private detectives said Assistant U.S.

Attorney Kathleen Haley, who was assigned to Bailey’s case, and Gagliardi met at a cafe in 1997 to

improperly discuss his case. That allegation was “baseless,” the indictment says.

Gagliardi died last year.

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