US Feds charge Barfield with conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Michael Barfield is charged with federal crimes of conspiracy and obstruction of justice by willfully making false statements under oath and impeding the administration of juctice in a grand jury investigation. Click to read federal statment of facts. Click to

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West Palm judgment

Click to read final judgement and conditions of West Palm court.    

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West Palm Banished Barfield_Police Report

 Click to read origional police report.    Click to read origional police report.

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          BARFIELD IS A DOCUMENTED “HIRED GUN” TO SMEAR THE INTERGITY OF RESPONSIBLE PUBLIC SERVANTS “How did you world ever get involved with a man like him. Wherever that man goes, trouble follows. He is con

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Michael Barfield: A Zealous Accuser, Yes. But A Willing Witness? Not So Much.

Our Ana Maria In the midst of so much fun, like the understandable excitement surrounding the Citizens Ballot Initiative regarding parking on Pine Avenue, the withering echo of the recall effort, PAR’s smirking reluctance to sue its own City, and

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Sunshine Under A Cloud

Sunshine Under A Cloud Gretchen Serrie   I would hope our local press and the government bodies sued by paralegal Michael Barfield and attorney Andrea Mogensen would give close scrutiny to the motivations behind the spate of Sunshine lawsuits that

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A Wasted Opportunity

    [From Frank Brenner] A Wasted Opportunity   Although we must live with it, the Sunshine Law is essentially a solution in search of a problem, born out of the exaggerated notion that “back room” dealings would otherwise exist

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Stones & Fleas

[From Frank Brenner] Stones and Fleas Frank Brenner   I write in response to Diana Hamilton’s appalling denigration of a former Mayor, whom she characterizes as “most times intellectually honest.” She questions his honesty because he condemns Michael Barfield’s parasitic

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Paralegal Accused Of Theft

Paralegal Accused Of Theft December 13, 1995 | By SARAH RAGLAND Staff Writer Sun Sentinel   WEST PALM BEACH -— Paralegal Michael Barfield made his name bytaking on police and prosecutors. Now he’s on the defensive. Barfield, 33, best known

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Barfield’s license suspended

Orlando Sentinel July 1992 A lawyer for Sheriff Walt Gallagher argued at the hourlong hearing that Florida’s public records law allows active criminal intelligence reports to be kept confidential. The court finds on the basis of testimony that the records

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