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Sunshine Under A Cloud

Sunshine Under A Cloud Gretchen Serrie   I would hope our local press and the government bodies sued by paralegal Michael Barfield and attorney Andrea Mogensen would give close scrutiny to the motivations behind the spate of Sunshine lawsuits that

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A Wasted Opportunity

    [From Frank Brenner] A Wasted Opportunity   Although we must live with it, the Sunshine Law is essentially a solution in search of a problem, born out of the exaggerated notion that “back room” dealings would otherwise exist

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Stones & Fleas

[From Frank Brenner] Stones and Fleas Frank Brenner   I write in response to Diana Hamilton’s appalling denigration of a former Mayor, whom she characterizes as “most times intellectually honest.” She questions his honesty because he condemns Michael Barfield’s parasitic

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